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In Search of Tom Candy
The Lincoln Conspiracy In 1904, journalist JOHN STANTON, son of Abe Lincoln’s secretary of war, seeks to clear his father of being implicated in the death of America’s towering sixteenth president. A trove of incriminating documents and the secretary’s own admitted reliance on a devious war correspondent have led revisionist historians to accuse him of being at the heart of the assassination plot. But John believes he’s found the key as to why his father is being smeared: a large, far-reaching conspiracy that ranges fifty years. At its epicenter is an enigmatic and itinerant Englishman, Tom Candy. But all that’s known about him is a famous cattle drive from Texas to New York City. Who is Candy? What part did he play in America’s bloody, brutal Civil War and Lincoln’s horrific murder? In a race against time, Stanton’s search for Candy will cost him everything. He will come face to face with psychotic killers and a secret cabal desperate to hold on to its power at any cost. Can he make what he knows public before it’s too late? Deftly blending history, political conspiracy, and murder, this amazing story is based on actual people and events. Part The Rider of Lost Creek and part Epitaph, In Search of Tom Candy is a roman à clef that sheds new light on a time when this country was torn apart and the cost of bringing it back together. Dairl Johnson is a lifelong outdoorsman and former US Navy jetfighter pilot. He has three children and ten grandchildren and currently lives in Seal Beach, California, with his wife of forty-eight years, Claudine.