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Maci Aurora
In the Shadow of a Wish
Maci Aurora, author
In the Kingdom of Kaloma, women are forced to marry by the age of 26 or face terrible consequences. It is the law. Four sisters living in the remote village of Sevens, the northernmost point of the kingdom, are without the means to make a love match. Trapped by their circumstances, they attend to their proper obligation to the law, but time is running out. When one sister discovers an enchanted, golden key deep in the Whitling Woods, it may have the power to change everything, but will the price be too high? Auri Fareview, practical and realistic, does what she can to serve her family. When she finds a golden key that could be the answer she needs to save her sisters from the unjust Kaloma Marriage Laws, she discovers the treasure might be more than she bargained for. Enchanted, it doesn’t just come with a price attached, it’s also home to an imprisoned god, who wreaks havoc on her body, her heart, and her soul. And those aren’t practical matters. He has the power to break her.