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In Turn
H.G. Royster, author
Lentil begins her Australian hospital internship with the socially elite intern, Isaac. She suffers from imposter syndrome and is shocked by how different being a doctor is from her original idealised perception. After Isaac faces institutional bullying, Lentil fails to notice his mental decline before his death by suicide. Her faith in the system is lost by the lack of impact suicide appears to have. Lentil faces her own experience of sexism and diminishment. She notices herself become desensitised and ‘empathy fatigued’ – the kind of doctor she never wanted to be. In her final rotation, Lentil learns more about the events leading to Isaacs’s suicide and the part played by the culture of Medicine. Lentil is forced to reconsider her identity as an ‘empowered woman,’ as she finds it impossible to stand her ground in a culture that demands conformity. In the final weeks of the year, she reflects on how far she has come, the unlikely friends she’s made, and the urgent need for change.