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Thomas Harper
Incarnate: Schism
Nineteen years after the events of Incarnate: Essence, Eshe finds himself reincarnated again. This time, because of the experimentations on Eshe’s brain, there are two reincarnations: Ivan Volkov and Samira Zahedi. Ivan, embracing the nihilism of his reincarnation and the crumbling of human society, has abandoned any hope of creating a better future. Instead, Ivan settles into a life of hedonism as a member of a brutal eastern Russian gang obsessed with death known as Bessmernyi. An assignment that takes Ivan into war-torn China will drag him back into contact with Imelda, the reincarnation of Jiang Wei. The other incarnation, Samira Zahedi, was reborn in Iran where she has become a leader in a local Forty-Eights group. The group attempts to look into the Sovereign corporation’s strange black sites in the region all the while maintaining a fragile peace amongst violent factions that sprung up after Israel nuked Iran and then began occupying it. During a radiation storm caused by the nuclear fallout, people in Isfahan are mysteriously murdered. While Samira unravels the meaning of these murders, the Immortal Legion, the African liberation group started by Sachi, begins to erupt out of Africa, conquering the Middle East. Once again, savage warfare, uncanny technology, corporate greed, religious extremists, and human augmentation are drastically altering the world that Ivan and Samira must navigate while attempting to ensure a tolerable future. Although unable to truly die, neither Ivan nor Samira will ever be the same.