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Eric Carter
Eric Carter, author

The monotonous final day of Chance’s 6th grade year erupts when soldiers storm his school. Before anybody can make sense of what’s going on, Chance finds his brother boarding a bus and leaving with the very troops that turned his school to chaos. The authorities claim everything is OK, and families shouldn't worry. But Chance isn’t so sure. He obviously won’t get the peaceful summer he had hoped for; the one he needed to help him get...better. While Chance wrestles with a new reality, a man appears; a man only Chance can see. He suggests Chance doesn’t need to get better. The man claims that Chance’s disability isn’t a weakness at all. In fact, it’s a power necessary to rescue his brother, and potentially the entire world. Will Chance shy away from the man’s ludicrous challenge, or will he take a leap of faith into an unknown world and explore the depths of himself in doing so?