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Stephen Roth
Innocence on Trial
Stephen Roth, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

An intense courtroom drama plays out when young Tommy Henderson takes the stand to provide crucial testimony in his teacher's sexual assault trial. Nothing could adequately prepare the boy for Lester Mobey's meticulous cross-examination. The wily and experienced defence attorney never left a stone unturned and committed everything to win his last trial before retirement. The consequence of the jury's verdict has devastating and deadly implications for Tommy and his teacher as they both grapple with the aftermath of the emotionally charged courtroom clash. Tommy tries to pick himself up, move on and forget everything about Robert Hiller and that nasty trial. But his mind has other plans and shaking those haunting memories is the greatest challenge of his life. The lessons learned from that nefarious courtroom experience prove invaluable when Tom Henderson, now an adult and attorney himself, desperately tries to save his son's life. The only question is - how far is he willing to go?