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Into the Pond
After successfully leading the police to a notorious crook—okay, so she almost got herself killed—Rachel Sanders is hot on the trail of another mystery: Why did Deb Wiley, their newspaper carrier, drive her car into a small pond? And how could she possibly drown? The pond isn’t that deep. Hubby Brian is onboard with Rachel’s snooping now; he enjoys investigating bad folks almost as much as he enjoys the good sex that comes with the chase. And this time around, it isn't just the adrenaline rush that cranks up his motor. One of the people they interview owns an adult store. (The sex toys are intriguing even if they can’t afford them.) As these two troll for clues, they manage to hook a big fish: a politician running for the US Senate. The phrase “beware of people in high places” never made more sense now that Brian and Rachel are on the case.