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Iron On The Tongue
On Breydablik, Bragya is just trying to keep her brothers safe and build a better life. But with the attack on the shipment from Gjoll, there's no work and no credits. Buried in an increasingly desperate population, the simmering discontent boils over and sets her on a collision course with gods. Erick feels his control over his quest to prove his innocence slipping, as he balances his feelings about Daruthr and an increasingly larger circle of trust. He'll need all the help he can get when he gets his first look at his true enemy. Bryn takes direct command of the Second Company to burn out a cancer in her ranks, hunting spies while barely keeping control of her own Admiralty. She reaches out to an old friend and makes the first moves towards an alliance that might save her people. But every decision has a cost, and for some, the price to pay is a terrible one.