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ISBN-10: 1077632606
Gerald Elias, author
What role can music play in a turbulent, troubled world? In Symphonies & Scorpions, readers will not only enjoy an insider’s view of the glamour and the drudgery of an international concert tour to China and Japan, they will gain deep insight into music as an instrument of citizen diplomacy. This second, enhanced edition of Symphonies & Scorpions adds Elias’s prize-winning essay, “War & Peace. And Music,” which will be featured in his TEDxSaltLakeCity performance of September, 2019. A preface to the new edition also tackles the tumultuous issue of sexual misconduct by luminaries in the classical music world. This painstakingly revised edition is a must not only for music lovers but also for anyone interested in understanding and enriching human relations at home and abroad.