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John Crimi
isbn 1475283253 isbn 13: 9781475283259
John Crimi, author
A local fisherman, Danny Corelli, falls off Lizzie’s Point, a popular landmark on Quinset Island. Was it an accident? Sheriff Ben Gibbon suspects murder. Margaret Wetherbee and Alec Fromme, year round residents of the Whaler Inn agree when a makeshift wooden doll with Corelli’s name is found in the bedroom of Nicole Kinkaid, the inn’s owner. Millie Warren, proprietor of The Pelican’s Roost, a local restaurant, finds drugs in Corelli’s cabin. Was he involved in drug trafficking? Was anyone else involved? When journalist, Kurt Rodin, is attacked in a cabin at the inn and a doll is found by his side, Quinset’s town council fear damage to the tourist trade. Two more murders are committed, but the doll left at the scene of one victim differs from the others. Are there two murderers on the island? As a severe snow storm approaches, fear sweeps throughout the island along with whispers of drug trafficking, mob involvement, infidelity and blackmail.