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Lloyd Davis
Island Survival
Lloyd Davis, author

The book is a journey through the many experiences that aided the main character in the development of an action driven attitude towards success. The story begins with a heart wrenching event, it then jumps to an earlier point in the main character's life, then works its way back to the present.

Reviews Review

Very thorough insight, on the day to day life of various inner city young men also very informative!

The book also depicts the real life events as it relates to poor health care.

Great read. Review

Some of the things that I have read in this book are similar to what I have witnessed in the country. But the relationship between the character’s are interesting to me – especially between Courtney and his father.

Goodreads Review

This is very interesting; I used to live in Jamaica and I have heard of many of these things on the news but I have never gotten a chance to observe the inner workings of some of these groups nor did I get a feel for how members of these groups think.