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Sherry West
Author, Illustrator
It’s Raining Cats! It’s Raining Dogs! It’s Raining Bats! And Pollywogs!
Sherry West, author

One very unusual day, it rains, but not the kind that’s expected…

“The heavens opened and down they sent one quite noisy elephant!”

And so, begins a very hilarious downpour of confused, amused, bemused, grumpy, frumpy, mumpy, lumpy, highly annoyed, and patiently suffering zoo full of animals onto an unseen town down below!

“We have to duck and run for cover while chickens cluck and near us hover! They’re raining fast all over town! I wonder what else is coming down???”

Parents and educators alike enjoy reading this hilarious, highly-engaging and appealing book with its lyrical text and giggly-wiggly pictures to children, who quickly and easily acquire important language and reading skills along their merry way.

Midwest Book Reviews

It's Raining Cats! It's Raining Dogs! It's Raining Bats! And Pollywogs! receives fun illustrations by author Sherry West, who works with illustrator Larkin Stephens-Avery to bring to life the story of a rainstorm that produces more than the usual cats and dogs.
Indeed, every possible creature that can rain down from a zoo of animals falls to earth during this incredible storm. The whimsical, fun, rollicking rhyme is simple enough to lend to read-aloud to the very young.
High and low, fast and slow, these animals fall to earth in a easy reader that can be used to explore different creatures, textures, and shapes. Each falls to earth with a plop, slither, or confused countenance, which especially lends to parental read-aloud complete with sound effects and high drama.
Within the whimsical, fun approach lies a story that will entertain and educate kids with a quirky approach perfect for capturing attention and interest.
Parents who choose It's Raining Cats! It's Raining Dogs! It's Raining Bats! And Pollywogs!will find it a delightful, fun story that is a fanciful, original creation that stands out from the crowd.

  • D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review