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Mark Brenner
After a year of collaboration with my co-author, I am pleased to announce that we are now LIVE ON AMAZON! Our book, IT’S YOUR CAREER - IT’S YOUR CHOICE is the compilation of over 75 years of collective Staffing, Human Resource and Coaching experience. Finally, an all-inclusive book that guides your Career choice and discusses the steps necessary to find the right position with the right company. Mark and Mary share “real-world strategies” for your entire job-search process including, a resume that attracts potential employers, how to become your own recruiter through networking and proper use of applicant tracking systems. We have developed a step-by-step process that incorporates time management, working with recruiting organizations and how to conduct a successful interview while negotiating a successful compensation package. This “real-time” guide helps our readers identify the right career choice (or transition a career) and allows you to successfully navigate the hiring process. A special section is dedicated to Veterans transitioning from the military to a civilian career. The book inspires and empowers readers to find the right job with the right company – after all – IT’S YOUR CAREER – IT’S YOUR CHOICE!" Even before our book was officially launched, we received numerous reviews and accolades from a cross section of industry leaders, and we are confident that this book will allow everyone who is deciding on a career or transitioning their career to benefit from our experience. If you are in any of these categories, this is the book you will want to have in your library: •\tDo you want to figure out a career path? •\tAre you looking for the right position with the right company? •\tHave you just graduated High School or College and want direction for your career? •\tAre you looking to transition your career to another field? •\tAre you a transitioning Veteran or a Veteran who has transitioned and looking for the right job with the right company? •\tAre you looking for successful interviewing techniques or need to create an attractive resume? •\tIs ageism effecting your job search? So many times, we read articles, attend workshops or speak with recruiter and coaches about landing the right position. Yet how much do you remember a week or a month later? IT’S YOUR CAREER – IT’S YOUR CHOICE is the best resource when you need assistance with your resume, networking, interviewing and much more. This book is designed to keep you focused to finding your dream job! Just click this link: and you are on your way to landing the right position with the right company! For more information please contact: Mark Brenner Author 1-818-987-7782 Mary Gomez, Author (541) 213-6848
Steven Stumpf, EdD, Michael Dolphin, Chief CA Workforce Services, Kent Stastny,

“This is the best book on career choice that so completely outlines what you need to do to get in with the right company and the right position.  This is a must read for anyone who is looking for their first career opportunity or who wants to transition from their current career.” Steven H. Stumpf, EdD, CSUN Health Administration

"Before even turning to the first page, the title of Mark and Mary’s book reinforces lessons of necessity to find the right position with the right company.  In my own 40-plus career years in workforce development, I can reiterate that the focus should always be on YOUR choices.  Each chapter describes a developing roadmap of personal development toward targeting end goals.  Mark's experience and application certainly benefit career seekers.  The sections that discuss Veteran transition to the civilian workplace are critical insights.  Read -- absorb -- take notes -- apply." Michael Dolphin, retired Chief of Workforce Services, State of California


Mark has been a competitor collaborator for over 30 years.  Anybody interested in advancing, changing or starting a career would benefit greatly from Mark's knowledge, experience, innovation and strategic approach to building a career.  I am honored to recommend and confident his guide will be a valuable tool.

Kent Stastny, retired Sr. VP The Yoh Company, Exec VP Bartech and Sr VP Acro Service Corp.

“Mark Brenner has once again displayed his acumen when it comes to career preparation and development. His years of experience in various industries will assist the reader to fine-tune their knowledge, skills, and abilities for success in the competitive marketplace for talent. I have had the pleasure of working with Mark as he helped transition veterans that have returned to school. He as translated what he does in person to an incredibly useful text. Kudos for an excellent read!” Dr. Salvador Esparza Professor and Chair, Department of Health Sciences, California State University


Through this book, Mark and Mary have developed a practical and no-nonsense approach to helping you land your ideal job. They help each reader define a career path that works. This book will help you identify your passions and interests, career values, ideal industries, and the work environments where you can excel. Their step-by-step guide empowers you to define your specific path and the steps to get there. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or just starting out – this book will help you achieve your goals.” JD Darby Vice President of Operations, ConnectBase  

As someone who has coached many stressed job seekers, I wish I had this book to give to my clients. Mark and Mary lay out a step-by-step process that takes out all the stress and leaves in all the joy of finding the right job. A must read if you are right out of college looking for your first job or transitioning after 40 years. Bravo Mark and Mary!

Shaya Kass, PhD, Life Coach


Look no more for THE Step-By-Step approach to obtaining your dream job. The authors have complied all you need to present yourself properly to employers through writing an appealing resume to interviewing and asking the right questions to achieve your career goals. Mark and Mary provide many tips on standing out from the competition to get selected. This is the Guide you’ve been looking for and scanning the Table of Contents will make you buy this book. You won’t be disappointed!

Michael Weinper PT, DPT, MPH President PTPN, Inc.