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Dorine Andrews
Jack's Gift

When his B-17 bomber mysteriously crashes into a wintry sea near the end of WWII, Jack Jackson's fiery death changed the trajectories of two families, one American and one British. It is up to Amahli, the woman he left behind, independent thinking and determined, to find the strength and means to connect these two disparate families. In the early 1950's, Amahli pursues this quest, surmounts unforeseen obstacles, self-limiting fears and suspect relationships. She searches for answers to heal the past and steer a course for her daughter's future.

Amazon Reader Review

Most of us, at some point in our lives, step into our imaginations and ask, “What if?” What if I had gone to a different school? What if I had married someone else? What if I had taken a different job offer? What if my parents had never met? We come to realize how important timing is, how important choices are and how important chance is. However, most of us do not write a book with our “what if” answers. Dorine Andrews takes us from a tragedy and opens doors to possibilities, along with a narrative of heartbreak, challenges, love, hope and joy. She tells the story of Amahli, a strong and sensitive woman, who navigates a tangled narrative that touches and changes many lives. She draws us into this world, connects us with her characters’ dilemmas and makes us curious about how their lives will evolve.