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Jack & Walter in New House Nerves

Middle Grade; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Jack and Walter, his special spud-shaped buddy, help Jack navigate through life’s difficult situations. We all need someone to talk to and Walter certainly helps steer Jack to making the right choices. With Walter's support, Jack is able to cope and understand some of life’s trickiest situations. Things like moving house, new school, bereavement, big news that’s so scary and so much more. Grown ups can know that Walter is actually Jack’s inner voice, helping him and telling him how to respond. We all have this amazing moral compass inside us. If we are able to teach children to use it from the age of 6 onwards the world would be a far kinder place. Children would listen to their “gut instinct”, they would follow their natural right from wrong and make better decisions. We inherently know right from wrong, often we choose the wrong option. If we use our inner “Walter” it will help us to react to situations far more effectively, right into adulthood.



5.0 out of 5 stars Charming funny and wonderful!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 3 May 2024

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I love the sense of humour throughout this. Very well written, easy to get into - and full of charm!
I am certain this book will help children of all ages conquer feelings of anxiety and low self-confidence. It takes a refreshing angle on the subject and I strongly recommend it.

Amazon Number one International Best Seller

All profits from the sale of this book to be distributed between Connectimpacthub a US charity to help children and the homeless.

In the UK all profits go to pay for books to go into the rucksacks at ComfortcasesUK for children going in, or moving around the care sector.

Jack and Walter in New House Nerves the second in the Self Help Children's Book Series by Paulette Hallam and Charlotte Moerman. 
Amazing Amazon Book Launch achieving Number 1 Best Seller in the UK, USA and Australia.