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Barbara Schuck
Jared's Path Too
My husband and I have journeyed down Jared’s path, too, and saw more miracles happening to us and Jared. This path follows Jared from eighteen years old to twenty-one years old—a milestone made beyond doctors’ expectations and a life lived against all odds. Jared and I taught a lot of people along his path. People are not all the same and situations are not all the same. Everyone is an individual and have their own unique path. Medical treatments need to be made for the best quality of life for each person. Having special needs shouldn’t determine the kind of care you receive. We are not a one-size-fit-all person. What works for some people may not work for others, especially if you have complicated medical issues. Jared’s many medical issues made some doctors not wanting to care for him. I hope this book will help others to not give up hope and keep advocating as long as it takes to get our special needs children the best medical care they can have and deserve. Jared has had a lot of very good doctors in his life; you just have to be willing to look for them and appreciate them when you find them.