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Victor Hess
Jesse's Dream
Victor Hess, author
For over four years, Jesse’s father’s addiction to alcohol and gambling has deprived Jesse and his mom of basic life necessities, overwhelming twelve-year-old Jesse Hall. Jesse does everything he can to help his family, but he neglects his schoolwork so much that he finds himself in danger of repeating the sixth grade. Trying to avoid trouble, Jesse forges his mom’s name on his grade card and makes other bad choices, like lying to cover up his misdeed, but he is sure his sin is redeemable. Jesse blames all his problems on his father’s drinking and gambling and yearns for him to reform, writing letters to him and begging for him to stop drinking and come home, and praying constantly for God to heal him. Then, at the County Fair, Jesse sees the worst in his dad and learns more about his past. The church in Xenia finds a new pastor, and he and his wife offer Jesse a path to redemption. At the same time, Jesse’s two-and-a-half-year-old sister seems to have the power to heal the people she touches and is sought after by church members who are suffering. “Only God and medicine can heal,” says the family doctor. Can a newly formed AA group turn Jesse’s dad around? Can a confirmation retreat unbridle the amazing talents of Jesse and his five closest friends? How can a visit to a corpse on display in a nearby town right a wrong done to one of Jesse’s friends? Does Jesse’s dad get the help he needs? Does Jesse’s sister truly have the power to heal? Jesse’s Dream is the third and final book in Victor Hess’ Searching for Family series and is the launching pad for the Wesley Club series to be released in 2023.