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Pawel Zelwan
Jesus wanted
Pawel Zelwan, author

Adult; Lit Crit, Lit Bio, Essay, Film; (Market)

The book “Jesus wanted” is a personal call for the verification of common representations of the figure and identity of the Originator of Christian faith. The call is addressed primarily to believers, but only due to the same reason why the Master of Nazareth gave priority access to the benefits of the Gospel to the elect of his Father. I therefore also direct the invitation to face the thought and faith contained herein to Readers who are only loosely or even antagonistically connected to the Christian tradition, hoping to foster their discovery that the dislike towards the twofold distinctions of all the denominations of this religion has its grounds not in the truth about the Savior of the world, but in the passionate lies about his alleged predilections. I wish them that they would be able to draw reasonable, vital conclusions from that fact.