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John Milor
Author, Illustrator
Jimmy Prophet's Library
John Milor, author
An obscure Arkansas backwoods hillbilly accidentally falls into a deep pit in the Ozark hills, where he discovers an archaeological archive of ancient crystals left behind from a long forgotten advanced civilization. When he touches one of these crystals, his brain is "defragmented" and uploads enhanced kinetic abilities, and an unfathomable mathematical knowledge, including the Grand Unifying Theorem. Jimmy remains the same common sense, extremely shy, good natured teen he's always been, but his world is inadvertently turned upside down. No matter how much he tries to avoid attention, his life spirals into complete chaos at every turn. On the one hand, gaining the attention of Elisa, the most beautiful girl in his school, is certainly a good thing. But the unfortunate side effect is an instant celebrity status, which he finds utterly terrifying, and rife with a complex web of teen drama.