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Kathryn Hardy
There is evil. There has always been evil. Evil has no color other than the bloodshed stains left behind by hate and ignorance. Dr. Johnny Savage and Otis Ikner were no strangers to evil. This true story is an electric memoir, taking place during the 60’s and 70’s between two young southern men born in a rural, less populated, part of Northwest Florida, with one thing in common and that was their untamed determination to be poor no more. you will follow Dr. Johnny Savage’s life from the deadly, freezing land of Antarctica, to the humid, alligator infested swamp lands of Northwest Florida … and on to the politically heated city of Atlanta, Georgia. During a time when the Vietnam war, drugs, rock n roll and civil rights dominated the south, Dr. Savage becomes more than an employer to his black houseboy, Otis Ikner, leading them down a dangerous path. Although facing threatening encounters with disgruntled colleagues, unsavory characters and even clansmen, through hard-ass grit, love and compassion, Johnny and Otis learn to right the wrongs in life no matter what the cost. These two young mavericks together, battle their way through injustices, political fires, death and even murder leaving them scathed, but not defeated. With hidden secrets that could destroy both their lives, together Johnny and Otis find success, sex, love, marriage, and unexpected opportunities down the road as they trend their way toward an unpredictable future.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Must have in your collection. Great gift item. A must read!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 26, 2022

I'm a mother of two small children, so reading is a luxury these days. I could not put this book down! Anytime I could sneak in a few pages I did. And I was so sad when it was over. The way the story was told was as if you were there in the company of the characters. The local flair and history that's rooted in each location was so perfectly interlaced in the book that it made it that much more special and as if you'd visited yourself. What a treat it was to read! Great gift for any of your book loving friends!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Johnny and Jazzbo, celebrating triumph against the odds.

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 19, 2022

Verified PurchaseIf you wished the "Green Book" had a squeal, this would be it! Comedy, Drama and a good measure of reality to bring you a history of things you might enjoy knowing. Well done Kathryn Hardy, again I say Well Done.

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Barbara Ramlow/Amazon customer

Barbara E. Ramlow

5.0 out of 5 stars Great historical biography

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 31, 2022

Kathryn J. Hardy’s Johnny and Jazzbo is a big beautiful biography of two remarkable, but unlikely men, Dr. Johnny Savage, and Otis Ikner, one White and the other, Black. Together they weave their way through disparate lives, bonding in ways that should have proven impossible, considering the pressures of society during that time period.
Ms. Hardy skillfully focuses on most of the historical events that shaped American society and thinking from Antarctica exploration to the space race, from the politics of Kennedy, LBJ, Goldwater, and Nixon, to Martin Luther King and Racial and Civil unrest, worldwide tensions of the Cold War and Vietnam, protest riots, women’s lib, rock and roll, and Woodstock.
In the midst of such critical events, Johnny and Otis remain focused on their individual goals as well as their friendship. The two men, both from small towns in Northwest Florida, each overcome the odds against them through plain hard work. Dr. Johnny Savage’s philosophy of “poor no more “ leads him to become a successful cosmetic dentist, real estate investor and Georgia politician. Otis, through Johnny’s guidance, becomes the first Black male dental hygienist in Georgia.
Together, their inspiring and remarkable tale of friendship and accomplishment are masterfully interwoven throughout America’s most challenging times.

Donna Riehl

If you enjoy reading about a unique, deep relationship among two men who never allowed racism or social injustices come between them, you found the right read.
Kathryn J Hardy’s “Johnny and Jazzbo” shares the reality of two men who were brought together and learned what it truly means to LOVE one another and RESPECT one another. This book tells the reader how these two men lifted each other up time and time again.
Johnny saw how Jazzbo survived injustices – large and small and at the same time Johnny never lost sight of Jazzbo’s individuality as a human being.
These two men will warm your heart and make you realize what really matters in life.
Ms. Hardy has wonderfully presented the facts of the relationship of these two men. Some facts are heartbreaking and others will bring tears of joy and an everlasting smile to one’s face. One thing is for sure- it’s a relationship to admire for many years to come! Well done!! Bravissimo!!

Karen Finnerty

Karen Finnerty

5.0 out of 5 stars Read This Book!

Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 24, 2022

READ THIS BOOK!!!!! I have been reading this incredible book written by my dear, childhood friend, Kathryn Jackson Hardy. It is a true story that is absolutely riveting, intriguing, informative, historically accurate, and filled with constant reminders of the goodness and positive attributes present in people and how they draw on those to overcome adversity. I am even more amazed at the unimaginable amount of time, energy, and dedication that Kathryn poured into the research required to write a book of this caliber! I cannot say enough wonderful things about the book and it’s impact on the reader! This is an “Out Of The Park Grand Slam”!!! For my Georgia Dawg football fans, this is a “National Championship” read! So, just read the book!!!!!!! It’s that good!!!!! You won’t be able to put it down!!!!

Kristen Wiblishouser

As a book fanatic I was shocked at how much I adored this novel. I have read hundreds of books and this is one I will forever remember. It was a breath of fresh air to read this story of these two brave and tenacious men. I don’t find it a coincidence this book was published in the current time point we’re in. It’s my prayer these beautiful and captivating stories are told for generations to come – there’s no doubt in my mind that Johnny and Jazzbo will not just leave stories to fancy, but a legacy for us to stand on. Thank you Kathryn for the details and intricacies of this book, it was a wonderful read indeed and there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t greatly benefit from the tales of two men. Here’s to Johnny and Jazzbo!

One Life to Live soap opera star and actress, Lee Warwick


“JOHNNY AND JAZZBO” is a very well written story of two men, one white, one black, meeting and evolving during the tumultuous years of the segregated South.

Both men, although complete opposites in nature, background and rank in society, had nevertheless a common thread: the deep desire, bordering obsession, to be ‘poor no more’.

Through unusual and challenging circumstances, they develop an enduring friendship that will last for the remnant of their lives.

Kathryn Hardy spent ten long years of perseverant work developing this story and deserves accolades for this fascinating biography. She writes with eloquence, humor and authenticity. She is a promising new writer to watch. Kudos to Ms. Hardy for a job well done!

As an actress, born and raised in Atlanta, GA, I quickly identified with her charismatic characters and the historical events I happened to live through. I warmly recommend her book.

Lee Warrick