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Dennis Paige
Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros
Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros: A Memoir Into the Fire of Original Experience challenges the reader to look below the surface and see what is most important to one’s body, mind, heart and spirit. The book explores different themes that make up the author’s journey of becoming as he presents a memoir that goes to the epicenter of being human. The stories in this book span seven decades. They begin in a 3 flat apartment above a tavern owned by the author’s family on the northwest side of Chicago living in a free ranging upbringing and take the reader on across glorious wild and scenic landscapes throughout the United States, mostly in the Southwest, as well as Canadian pristine waters of Quetico Provincial Park/ Lake Superior, political turbulent West African countries where rip tides invite ominous fate. It has a heavy bent on the West exploring indigenous connections with nature, covering Hopi Land, Lakota ways, and other native traditions that have guided the author’s journey to becoming more in sync with how nature communicates. This book is an interwoven personal experiential tapestry of four distinctly profound, influential categories: Jolts: blindsiding harrowing challenges that have greatly shaken Paige’s view of life; Synchronicities: peak experiences and serendipitous encounters that have remarkably placed him in the right place at the right time, propelling him toward the direction of his destiny; Dream Catchers: inspirational people and nature revelations instilling compelling lessons of eternal wisdom; and Milagros: miracles guiding him toward a deeper spiritual and more mystical awakening with the universe.