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Journey of a Soul
OVERVIEW - WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT? TITLE – Journey of a Soul GENRE – Fiction, Fantasy – Paranormal/Supernatural CATEGORY – Adult Fiction SERIES – The Nine Spiritual Gifts, Book 1 of 8 PLOT – Rescue SETTING – Enlightenment (1st novel – New York City, USA, October – December (Modern day) CHARACTERS – Protagonist – Lexi Constantine, Victim – her older sister Susannah, Antagonist – The underworld SYNOPSIS - Lexi is frantically trying to figure out a way to save her sister’s soul. Deciding that learning more about metaphysics seemed to be the only solution, and attends a few of Tamara’s (a psychic) lectures. Concerned for Lexi’s well-being, Reverend Hawthorne also attends one of Tamara’s lectures. Later finding himself agreeing to help Lexi and Tamara in the soul retrieval of Lexi’s sister. Only to find out that Susannah’s soul was attached to her favorite childhood toy, a stuffed lamb. Lexi finds out from Detective Redington that her sister’s death wasn’t an accident, instead, she was caught up with the mob. Redington ends up on the run with Lexi and has to rely on a retired Sargent, who comes up with a bizarre plan to catch the crooks (Redington and Lexi must dress up as rich Arabs and attend an auction). All the while, Adramelech, king of fire in Hell, schemes up a plan. He ascends to Earth and enters mobster Little Eddy’s body. Now that he has access to a body, he is after Lexi because she has access to her sister’s soul, which he needs. Running from the mob is not Lexi's problem, it is finding a way to rescue her sister’s soul from the Void and get it to Heaven. Once safely in Heaven, Susannah shares her incredible experience; her exploration of Heaven, how Marcus brought her to meet her family and her soul tribe. And making her final decision of what to do now, stay in Bliss or be reincarnated. She decided neither. Instead, she went to school to become Lexi’s newest Guardian Angel, and ends with asking Lexi what Hans wants. . . who's Hans? The ghost in your apartment.