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Judas Wolf
In a frantic search for her pups, a transplanted, disease-infected wolf threatens the fate of all wild wolves in Alaska, unless Nick John and anthropologist Camila Mac Cleary can stop the rogue runner. Book Two of the Falling Walrus Mysteries.
In cultural anthropologist Wolfe’s captivating second Alaska-based mystery (after 2015’s Falling Walrus), the governor’s chief of staff, Marlin Fosburger, fears that a decline in the number of moose could negatively affect tourism and be used against his boss in an upcoming election campaign. Fosburger convenes a summit of experts, who agree that the cause of the problem is the higher-than-desirable ratio of wolves to moose, but not about how to manage the wolf population. The ultimate decision—to relocate some of the predators to the Kenai Peninsula—infuriates Mel Savidge, a maverick anthropologist, who views the plan as an indirect death sentence for the wolves because of the Kenai’s isolation. The peril of the situation becomes even clearer when Mel learns that it could unintentionally lead to an epidemic of dangerous parasitic infections. Mel enlists the aid of series lead Camilla Mac Cleary and Camilla’s sidekick, Nicholas John, in a desperate race to forestall that disaster. Wolfe knows his stuff and successfully integrates esoteric details into a compelling story line. (BookLife)