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Nikki Stern
Judge Not
Nikki Stern, author

Someone is murdering cops. Detectives, deputies, state troopers, investigators: Anyone who once worked a serial killer case is fair game. The method is diabolical, the motive unclear. 

Sam Tate, former sheriff of Pickett County, Tennessee, has an unusual resume that includes three high-profile serial cases. That makes her a valuable FBI asset. It also makes her a potential target for the killer known as the Judge.

When the Judge reaches out to her, the stakes get higher. Is the murderer looking for absolution or validation? Is Sam supposed to be the captor or the next victim? Whose version of justice will prevail?

Best Thrillers

"Simple scenes deliver a surprisingly  high emotional punch, setting Stern's fiction apart from the pack."

Indie Reader

"JUDGE NOT ticks many of the boxes crime fiction fans enjoy—gun talk, clever clues, misdirection, and ultimate justice. But it’s the author's understanding of her central protagonist that makes this entry to the series so memorable …"

The fourth book in the award winning series is now on sale

JUDGE NOT, the 4th in the award-winning Sam Tate Mystery Series is now on sale. Paperback and ebook versions are available at Amazon and soon, at other online and retail outlets. The audiobook version will be available shortly. The well-reviewed new book finds Sam Tate confronting a host of personal and professional challenges while,pursuing a killer who may be pursuing her. Best Throllers calls it a must-read.