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Xolani Kacela
Jumpstart Your Allyship: Five Easy Steps to Ally with BIPOCs

Don’t Be a Silent Ally- Educate Yourself and Discover Ways to Ally Yourself With BIPOCs and Let Your Voices Be Heard - In Less Than 30 Minutes, Learn 5 Easy Steps to Ally With BIPOCs!

Do you want to educate yourself on race and politics?

Do you struggle handling conflict?

Would you like to learn how to control difficult conversations?

Well, your search is over. Find all the answers on how to control conflict, how to talk about politics and race, and ally yourself with BIPOC.

Talking about race and privilege is hard.

But, in our day and age, staying uneducated about social concepts is no longer acceptable. It is our duty to step out of our comfort zone and educate ourselves. Race and racial privilege are on everyone’s mind.

Everyone has a voice, and it is your duty to use it for the greater good.

Have your voice be heard and stand alongside BIPOC in the fight for equality.

This book will teach you how to open up and speak about difficult topics. Get clear examples of how to deal with sensitive topics around your family, friends, and co-workers.

In this book, you’ll discover:

●      Use your voice: Learn how to ally with Latino, Asian, and Indigenous folks. Tackle your fear and find your inner courage with this book that will break it all down in 5 easy steps.

●      Easy-to-understand advice: Everything is written in simple and plain English. Get educated with realistic and authentic advice, so you skip all the confusion.

●      Make difficult topics easier: With just 5 easy steps, you can learn how to change how you handle tough topics in your work and personal life. In just under 30 minutes, you can change your life forever!

Get specific examples of how to steer conversations at dinner to tackle difficult topics. Step out of your comfort zone and establish yourself as a BIPOC ally.

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