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Junglenomics - Nature's Solutions to the World Environment Crisis, a New Paradigm for the Twenty-first Century & Beyond

Adult; Science & Nature; (Market)

Since the dawn of Life, Nature has been highly successful at organizing ecosystems to produce a vast array of species that co-exist without damaging the environment. Our economic ecosystem has grown from nothing in just a few millennia and has become chaotic and destructive to people, other species, and the natural world. Junglenomics describes how adopting Nature’s blueprint can enable us to transform our economies to protect natural environments, halt species decline, benefit the poorest, and benignly coexist with the natural world for the long term.
Jaap van Till, Emeritus Professor, Consultant ICT Infrastructures

"My strong recommendation is to read this new book as soon as it comes out on Amazon and in bookshops.

The crux of this super relevant book is that we have to organize human society as an Ecology and collaborate, to fit into Nature’s Ecologies, if we want to survive as a species. Instead of still concentrating on exploiting everything around us and extract value from others and nature, to enrich ourselves. We have to stop this colonist mentality. In an ecology synthesis creates value which can be shared by all participants and parts of Nature. And the book gives guidelines how to build such P2P cooperating Ecology. It is a joy to read that our children CAN have a future.

To Greta Thunberg i can say: “buy this book for your parents to read”, for the #ExtinctionRebellion , #YouthforClimate and #EggKids” .

Junglenomics is almost ready to go!

Junglenomics is in its final phase before publishing, and expected to be in print and on Amazon with the month!