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Just Another Number
Just Another Number is a memoir structured by the first 23 men I had sex with. It’s about how American society curbs women to validate themselves by men. Through my lovers, I relive all the shit I got myself into because of that. The book paints a gritty portrait of a Tennessee teen who- in the midst of bulimia and meth abuse- joins the Navy. \tJust Another Number hops through the various shades of chauvinism in the conservative Bible Belt, the male dominated military, and the superficiality of southern California. \tMy story is littered with hypocritical Christians, brainwashed warriors, deadbeat band guys, and the spoiled, cocaine snorting trust fund offspring of California’s elite. It also entails eating disorders, drug cultures, social media, and of course, military corruption. \tAlthough the memoir harbors the darkness and tragedies of my stories, it is packed full of raunchy, satirical humor. Just Another Number dips into the gritty, humiliating aspects of sex from bodily functions to cringe-worthy one-night stands.