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Just Because I'm Not Effin' Famous, Doesn't Mean I'm Not Effin' Funny
“Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~Milton Berle This quote inspired the pop art, vacation-themed organization for Just Because I’m Not Effin’ Famous, Doesn’t Mean I’m Not Effin’ Funny, if not the entirety of the comical contents contained therein. While the humor may not be all about vacations, the author definitely is! In fact, Dean-Epps says laughing has everything in common with vacations; both provide a release, offer a fresh perspective, and put you in a better space. They both also provide plenty of fodder for her third published humor book. If you think about it — and she sure has — as Americans we consider it our constitutional right to have a vacation. Dean-Epps offers up laugh out loud stories that will make you feel as though you not only took every one of these trips with her, but that you were sitting shot gun for every one of her hilariously detailed experiences. One thing is for sure; when your life is this funny, you don’t need to make anything up. This effin’ book came about as a result of extreme frustration – accompanied by liberal usage of the eff word – when humorist, teacher, and stand-up comedian Diane Dean-Epps heard for the umpteenth time she needed to be famous to attract a well-known book publisher, and without a well-known publisher she couldn’t get famous. The title does double duty as a result of her numerous brushes with greatness when she was chatting with, standing next to, and/or breathing the same rarified air as famous people with whom she was to partner for a variety-pack of entertainment opportunities. Exactly zero of these promises of career potential came to fruition. Ladies and gentlemen, she may not be famous, but she’s definitely a hoot with her special brand of sit-down standup comedy.