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Woodlief Thomas
Just Off Elysian Fields
Antoine, a thirty-something New Orleanian, needs to find meaning. He’s out of prison and trying to carve out a life, but he remains crippled by guilt and drink. This all changes when he learns his aged best friend Pharoah, a semi-homeless street performer, is dying. Pharoah’s last wish is for Antoine to find his estranged nineteen-year-old daughter Maybelle, with whom Pharoah has not spoken for fourteen years. Maybelle, a dreamer from New Orleans’ tough Sixth Ward, fled the city a month and a half prior, when Hurricane Katrina destroyed what remained of everything she knew. During their respective journeys through the otherworldly Mississippi and Arkansas Delta regions, Antoine and Maybelle confront both their own painful pasts and a dangerous drifter named DeSoto. For Antoine, the ultimate cost of finding purpose could be his own life. Though if he succeeds, Maybelle is poised for a new beginning.