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Ernest Cohen
Author, Illustrator
Ernest Cohen, author


Meet Geoffrey Zukor, a bumbler of superhero proportions, whose private calamities have him waltzing through life with all the grace of a one-legged unicyclist. But then something happens, something quite extraordinary. Late one afternoon, his fortunes change — dramatically. Did he finally catch a lucky break or was it actually the consequence of an intervention by none other than a Grand Master in the esoteric Art of Coincidence?

Full of humor and heartbreak, JUST ONE LIFE is a novel about love, psychiatry, discovering the courage to change your life, the sustaining power of friendship, and yes, Gay Superman.


 ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ 5 STAR REVIEW                                                                                                        “Incredibly fun and complex. Cohen truly is an exceptionally skilled writer to engross a reader so deeply and deftly dish out laughter and tears — sometimes on the same page. I cannot stop talking about it. Ernest Cohen is a master in the making. Very highly recommended.”          

 “Ridiculously humorous. It is a raucous ride, (and) a VERY funny one!”                                                       -Clarion Reviews

 “JUST ONE LIFE is at once edgy, humorous, and profound.”                                                                        -Newport Beach Independent