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Alex Markman
Justice of Brenda the Wolverine
Alex Markman, author
Edward Green, a likable, young, successful professional, he had seemed happy with life. The only son of rich and generous parents, he had a good career, a loving girlfriend, and plenty of friends. So why did he cut his veins in his luxury condo apartment? Melissa Bonar, one of the best homicide detectives in Canada, is on the case. She learns that shortly before Edward’s death, he was sodomized against his will, yet there is no other evidence of a crime. The only clue is Edward’s last word: Wolverine. In this story of rape, corruption, and revenge, Detective Bonar and ex-con Brenda Rorke, two strong, intelligent women from different backgrounds, clash in a battle of psychological warfare, only to realize in the end that they share very similar notions of justice and morality, and stand together against a common dilemma: crime and punishment.