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K-Culture Glossary : 100 Terms to Get You Started with Korean Popular Culture
Ji-hyeon Kim, author
K-Culture is a neologism referring to the sweeping wave of South Korean popular culture. The term was coined in the late 1990s, when various elements of Korean pop culture – from drama, to films, music, fashion, food, comics and novels all began to spread, first into other Asian countries, and then further afield. What is the secret ingredient of K-Culture? What is historical and cultural backdrop against which K-Culture began to be consumed? This is designed to provide a background to the diverse cultural and historical context that shaped the K-Culture movement, as well as offering analysis of the various trends and phenomena crucial to South Korean popular culture today. The authors have selected 100 key terms, with detailed accompanying elaborations and expert commentaries. With contributions by Ji-hyeon Kim, Junyoung Yu, Kathia Sya and Su-hui Son.