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Aaron Frale
Kal's Quandary
Aaron Frale, author

The number one space pirate in the galaxy…

…discovers she is the only one who can save it from utter decimation.

After stealing the most advanced Teristaque ship, Kal and her crew are pursued by an armada across the galaxy. Despite burning through space in the fastest vessel in the quadrant, there are too many factions after her to avoid them all.

Another spacecraft gets the drop on her. It’s Makiuarnek, the man who slaughtered her village, and he wants a truce. There is evil brewing on her homeworld of Nigramoto, and the petty squabbles of the interstellar regimes are about to become inconsequential, and Kal is at the heart of it all.

She will either save all life in the galaxy or destroy it.