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Stan gwizdak
Karmic Selling
Stan gwizdak, author

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

In his first book, entrepreneur Stan Gwizdak reveals how he’s built his career by helping others. He spent decades in the corporate trenches and saw the dangers of environments where everyone takes, takes, takes—instead of giving. A life-threatening car accident spurred him to escape the toxicity and start his own consulting firm. With clarity and honesty, Stan shares the successes and failures that helped him grow his business—and shows that when you do good, even more good will come your way.
“Karmic selling,” according to Gwizdak, starts with approaching each sales encounter with a “clean heart” and the earnest question “what can I do for you?” In this upbeat debut, Gwizdak emphasizes and explores “the power of human connection,” which he presents as the key to his success, and throughout he links karmic selling to the broader idea of doing good in the world. Gwizdak touchingly reflects on a career that, despite his work with major companies such as General Electric, Honeywell, and Goodyear Tire, he built on the standard of helping others. His firsthand, hard-won knowledge and advice is invitingly frank as he considers the impersonal and cutthroat nature of his early success. After a devastating car accident, Gwizdak gained the perspective and insight to finally pursue a career in line with his values, morals, and kind-hearted nature.

The result: a life in sales focused on connections, authenticity, and meeting clients’ needs—helping them rather than just selling to them. Karmic Selling is ultimately about building trust, cultivating long-lasting business/client relationships, and "meeting people where they are…[and] about adapting to their style in a way that makes them comfortable." To that end, Gwizdak offers practical tips and guidance, covering the hard and soft follow up, how to demonstrate trust and credibility, steps to ensure that business conversations “matter,” and what to do when facing problems like "alligator arms” (which describes a prospect’s increasing reluctance the closer they get to signing).

Sharing personal anecdotes, case studies, much actionable advice, and reflective exercises guiding readers to understand their own powers, Karmic Selling is an inviting guide to closing the deal and building lasting partnerships. Readers who enjoy personable yet informative business guides will find inspiration and nuts-and-bolts know-how here.

Takeaway: Insightful guide to authentic connections and building trust in sales.

Comparable Titles: Colleen Stanley's Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success, Jeff Shore's Follow Up and Close the Sale.

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Cover: A-
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A

Individual Testomonials for the book

Advance reviews for Karmic Selling

“Fabulous insights on being a great human, building success, and enriching your life. Building success with kindness and authenticity – everything in this book rings true. When Stan sold into my organization, he and I built trust, transparency, and friendship. We made a win-win deal and both realized huge value from our collaboration. Throughout my career, I have had wins and losses; learning, developing, and building
competency on that journey. Karmic Selling does work, and success is born in helping people solve problems. This book lays the foundation for successfully solving other people’s problems and achieving greater life enrichment.” – Richard Ward, Former Senior Vice President, Baker Hughes

“Very concise, practical, and in my experience, absolutely the right way to sell.” – Bruce Hoechner, Board Member and former CEO, Rogers Corporation

Like Stan, I had a near-death experience that began a better life. Mine was at sea rather than the road, but it granted me similar epiphanies on work and relationships. The world needs more leaders with a how-can-I-help mindset, so I'm hopeful Stan"s book will inspire more paradigm shifts with less dramatic catalysts! Stan's story reminds us about integrity – doing what's right when no one is looking – and the value and rewards of servant leadership. Humble authenticity in a leader is the strongest magnet for building successful, high-performing, teams of leaders, and Karmic Selling delivers
the proof points in rapid succession. At home, at work, in all relationships, helping others is its own reward – and sometimes, as Karmic Selling demonstrates, it can take us places we only imagined.” – Wayne Lucernoni,
President Government Solutions, Global Engineering Company

“I’ve known Stan for many years and can personally confirm his approach. When I first met him, the relationship was quite different from anything I had ever experienced from someone “selling” something to me. What I came to truly appreciate was how he always tried to help me and my company, even when there wasn’t a “sale” to be made – at least at that moment.
Stan’s thoughtful guidance works, and not just in business – you can use it to make all the relationships in your life more rewarding.” – Steve Henderson, Executive Vice President,
Leggett & Platt

“I enjoyed Karmic Selling immensely! It is especially applicable for physician executives who, although skilled at communicating with patients, are under-prepared for establishing rewarding business relationships and interacting with administrative executives. The same is true for other
professionals with a scientific background, such as engineers and IT experts, when promoted into positions offering services to other business enterprises. This book will help a wide variety of professionals – I plan to purchase copies for my entire leadership team. It’s an essential guide to rewarding business relationships.” – George Williams, MD, Healthcare Executive

I’ve learned some great lessons from Stan over the years, and I’m very excited to see he put all of his thoughts and ideas into a book so that everyone can learn his valuable lessons on how we can conduct ourselves in both our corporate and personal lives in order to achieve greatness. 
In every page of this book, you can see Stan’s passion for approaching every situation with a “clean heart.” The case studies are very relatable, as well as Stan’s openness about his own life experiences.  No matter what type of job you have, we are always selling, and Stan lays the foundation for how to be truly genuine and achieve success. Stephen Lazar, Jr., Fortune 1000 Operations Director

“Stan’s book is a timely reminder about the power of authentic human connection – something many of us have lost touch with. Karmic Selling is proof that approaching life with a “however-I-can-help” mindset is the most powerful way to build genuine, long-lasting business relationships and a more fulfilling professional and personal life. Quite frankly, nobody does it better than Stan!” – Paul J. Tudor, CEO, Private Equity

“A must read for everyone, not just the business professional. These are basic principles of making and growing relationships in business and life. The strength of this book is in the case studies and reflection exercises. This is not a read and forget book – apply the principles in your conversations, notes, and follow-ups for an enhanced business and personal life.” – R. Kevin Wells, Lecturer, Auburn University Harbert College of Business

“I could not put it down … Karmic Selling is enjoyable, insightful, and engaging. So many themes resonated: a clean heart, helping others, being authentic, and demonstrating credibility. Stan’s approaches will benefit people in all aspects of their lives, not just earning business. This book is truly authentic and speaks to Stan’s character and desire to help others.” – Patrick Hastings, Healthcare Executive

“I really enjoyed Karmic Selling. Many books explore similar concepts, but this is a more meaningful, personal story. It’s not just about successful projects or big wins – it is about people,
interactions, and relationships. I’ve spent my career in supply chain, but the same lessons hold true in my field: be authentic, don’t play games, and maintain a &;how can I help mindset. Stan, thank you for defining a clear way to establish connections and foster long-term relationships
founded on trust.” – Giuseppe Muzzi, Fortune 500 Supply Chain Director

Stan demonstrates that kindness is serious business and proves how successful one can be by valuing the currency of kindness over money.– Marly Q Casanova, Kindness Influencer 

“Having been on both sides – consulting as well as leadership positions in the chemical industry – I highly concur with Stan in terms of what works to build long- lsting business relationships that benefit both companies. Building trust through integrity, competence, authenticity, and perseverance is critical for success. In this book, Stan provides guidelines and examples of how to do this. Knowing Stan now for almost 15 years, I have seen how this has worked for him. His problem-solving approach is contagious for the people he works with and drives success.
As a reader, you can reflect on yourself and determine how you can make this approach work in your own authentic way. And make sure you surround yourself with good people who share your values. Enjoy practicing Karmic Selling!” – Boudewijn van Lent, CEO, VanDeMark Chemical