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Jerome Frierson
Keep Quiet Black Boy; A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials
HOW TO DEVELOP EFFECTIVE MENTORING PROGRAMS FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN MILLENNIALS In Keep Quiet Black Boy: A Leadership Guide to Mentoring Millennials, Dr. Jerome Frierson, Lead Pastor of King of Kings Empowerment Ministry, shares the latest breakthroughs in mentoring. Whether you are a leader within your church, college, your career, or within your community, this book is for you. In this guide, Dr. Frierson identifies 26 barriers to mentoring disadvantaged, African American, millennial males. He addresses generational, societal, and theological issues, in this first of its kind book. Mentors will have more successful outcomes with their mentees and discover ways to encourage education attainment. This guide focuses on the following points: • Encourage ways to break the poverty cycle • Provide eight skills employers are looking for • Encourage ways to reduce self harming behaviors • Chapter by chapter reflections and action steps "Keep Quiet, Black Boy is a must read for anyone who is charged with the care and/or education of our precious black princes." Bishop Leon Frison, Pastor and Retired Educator, Living Water Greater Highway Church of Christ "Dr. Frierson’s work on mentoring in the church context importantly builds upon the well-documented relationship between religious engagement and college completion for Black males." Julian Johnson, Executive Vice President, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity