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Elanora Brown
Keep Your Wooden Jewelry Out of Retirement
Elanora Brown, contributor
During the summer, there is no fashion accessory more comfortable than wooden jewellery. It’s lightweight and doesn’t stick the skin in humidity. It comes in natural wood colours and hue. Some of the best are vegetable dyed creating hues of various colours found in nature. Others are chemically dyed resulting in darker tones. Still, others are painted with fanciful figures, imaginative geometrics or textural dots. At the end of summer, these pieces are retired to the back of your jewellery cabinet until warmer weather returns. What a sad ending to wonderful pieces so loved for a season. Scope out some of the ladies wood jewellery online shown in fashion magazines and at the runway shows. Notice how the designers are utilizing the jewellery in their fall and winter lines. The spring and summer shows for 2014 are already taking place in Brazil. The hottest looks for the next two or three years will be the big, bold, brash accessory. For fall, wind any of your silk scarves around and between the beads tying the scarf off centre with the ends hanging to give a necklace a larger presence. Wind two or three different lengths of wooden bracelets together allowing them to drape and hang at various places. For winter, combine more pieces to make your jewellery appear weightier. Connect several wooden bracelets together to form a necklace or hang multiple bangles from one piece as a large drop. Wear necklaces that have crystals and gem-coloured beads of all sizes pinning your wooden earrings through the links as if they were charms. Add a wooden brooch to your hair instead of a barrette. Resolve the retirement of your favourite wooden jewellery pieces by adding to them this year.