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Keepers & Destinies
An oft-overlooked Guardian Angel, Andrea, is tasked with tracking down a prophet who is the key to Heaven’s victory in the impending apocalypse. Desperate to prove her worth to Heaven and herself, she enlists the help of an embattled veteran, James, to aid in navigating her earthly journey. The complications of mixing the worlds of man and the supernatural become more than the pair bargain for when they discover Andrea is not just a chess piece but a central figure in the looming final battle between good and evil. Furthermore, James can’t shake the nagging feeling that Armageddon is not only about settling the eons-old score between Heaven and Hell, but also for the rights to his world. Earth is the prize, and humans and angels are not the only contenders.
Available for Pre-Order

Keepers & Destinies will be released on Sept 20th 2020. It is currently available for PRE-ORDER on Amazon.