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Alex Storm
Kill The Dog
Alex Storm, author
Travis Tanner was on the management track at Whataburger in Houston. He gave that up to become a film maker in LA. Ever since he made that sacrifice, things haven’t gone to plan. The only ray of light in this bleak, merciless town is Rachel. When Travis is with Rachel, the future feels possible. He can dream again. He matters. But he can’t be with Rachel. She has a conniving hell hound named Mr. Underwear who hates Travis and seems intent on getting rid of him. To spare her dog, Rachel has put the relationship on ice. Enter Nora, Travis’s his half-sister. Nora convinces Travis that the only way he can have Rachel back is to kidnap Mr. Underwear and “use Stockholm Syndrome” to make the dog like him. Believing there are no better options, Travis agrees to embark on this hair-brained scheme. However, unbeknownst to him, Nora has other ideas. What exactly is Nora up to, and most importantly, will Travis get the girl? Set against the backdrop of the underpaying underbelly of low-budget Hollywood, Kill The Dog is a hilarious contemporary debut with whip smart dialogue and an amusing cast of characters. A highly entertaining read.