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Michael Geczi
Killer Dead, Victim Alive
The serial killer is dead; the expected seventh victim is alive, and the Santa Monica detectives and the FBI agents are shaking their heads. “Who-done-it” meets “why-done-it.” The result: A twisty mystery, spiked with psychological and cultural implications, all playing out in sun-drenched Santa Monica. Police Detectives Mollie Granger and Greg Nichols respond to a call near the world-famous pier. A dead male, shot in the forehead at close range, is posed in the sand. He’s Keith Victor, a serial killer who’s murdered six persons and kidnapped a possible seventh, Chrissy Weeks. Meanwhile, six miles away, Weeks walks into a police station, says, “I think you've been looking for me,” and claims Victor dropped her off outside an hour earlier. Quite the trick, given the coroner says Victor’s been dead for thirty-six hours. Weeks, a narcissist with a complex backstory, views most people as chess pieces to be played. And she’s playing at mega speed, even though her never-ending lies and moves – some of which backfire – quickly turn her into a suspect from a victim. The case comes at a difficult time for Granger, a middle-class white cop having relationship problems with Gwen Seward, a wealthy African-American civil rights attorney. They’ve drifted apart since the George Floyd murder shined a bright light on their differences and challenges. They’ve even tabled plans for marriage and kids. Granger focuses on Weeks even as she and Seward attempt to repair their relationship. In the process, the detective learns that families, love, truth, and understanding overcome personal and professional challenges and bring unexpected second chances.
Audrey Armstrong

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Really good book

December 14, 2023

This was a very good book! Could the victim of a serial killer also be a cold blooded killer too? That’s the premise of this book. I like Mollie and Nichols partnership! All the law enforcement r in this book CHP,FBI,LAPD, MBPD Every alphabet combo! I loved the drama of Ms Weeks, the ethical questions of Ms Pratt, even the sad KJ who never stood a chance! I was not so thrilled with the cliffhanger! I highly recommend this book!


4.0 out of 5 stars.

A serial killer is found dead and the victim walks into a police station to tell her story. But is the story all that it seems.

Thank you to#booksirens and #michaelgeczi for the opportunity to read Killer Dead, Victim Alive.

Partners, Molly Granger and Greg Nichols believe there is. Molly is hungry for the truth and doesn’t stop thinking of the case - even a stay in hospital doesn’t stop her thinking and working. Greg follows up with Molly while dealing with matters at home.

The FBI is called in and both Granger and Nichols join the investigation team.Can they decipher what all the victim, Chrissy Weeks, is saying and doing.

Slowly the pieces come together and karma comes full circle for Chrissy Weeks. Her identity and connection to a victim of Keith Victor is uncovered.

A well written book, good character development and lots of small twists that the reader doesn’t see coming.

A cliff hanger ending will keep me waiting for the next book and I cannot wait. A new author to add to my list of authors I enjoy reading.

Marlene Ridgway

Marlene Ridgway

4.0 out of 5 stars 

A top-notch detective novel that you can read in one weekend!

December 3, 2023

A top-notch detective novel that you can read in one weekend! With plenty of unexpected twists, this is a very unique story with an unexpected plot. I was racing through the pages to figure out what happened in this bizarre murder case that kept me on my toes. The story was definitely worth the read, though I felt the writing was just a bit choppy in places.

Killer Dead, Victim Alive takes place In Santa Monica, where a chilling mystery unfolds after police detectives discover the lifeless body of a notorious serial killer, Keith Victor. The plot takes a mesmerizing turn when the expected seventh victim, Chrissy Weeks, walks into a police station claiming Victor released her and dropped her off – a perplexing detail considering Victor's demise 36 hours prior.

As the investigation continues, more and more questions arise, but most importantly why is Chrissy Weeks lying, and how did Keith Victor end up dead? The latest victim's bizarre arrogance and skewed sense of reality are certain to throw the investigation off kilter even more. As some answers come to light, the mystery about the killer and the victim deepens.

Overall, I enjoyed this read. The pace was fast and I was genuinely curious to know how things would unravel from the very beginning. The detective elements were all there but didn’t feel forced or cheesy. However, I felt that there were a bit too many characters. Although their backstories were thoughtfully crafted and presented in careful detail, I would’ve liked to focus on just a few to get a better understanding of them. Viewing the story from multiple points of view certainly satisfied my curiosity about nearly all of the characters, but it also felt a bit choppy and clunky at times. I would recommend this for anyone new to detective novels and seasoned readers of the genre who are interested in a fresh take and a surprising concept.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.