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B.D. Lawrence
Killer Redemption
Lyle Hardgrave is a poet, a jazz lover, a charmer, and a hitman. He’s known to the criminal underworld as the Gorgon. See his face. Die. He’s lived a life of anonymity, a life in which he has total control where emotions are a handicap. Years ago, he chained them and buried them, then threw away the key. A series of events threatens his anonymity and his control. He’s forced to kill the son of Joseph Vincenti, the top mob boss. His best friend, and the only one that knows his identity, disappears. The FBI closes in. Vincenti and his thugs hunt him. All part of the lifestyle he’s chosen. Except, he meets Cora Wilson. Besides being beautiful, she’s energetic, unrestrained, passionate and a Christian. Hardgrave falls in love with Cora as she fills a void he’d ignored for decades. Cora possesses the key to his shackled emotions. One by one she unlocks them. But she doesn’t know Hardgrave’s secret. Hardgrave must choose. Leave his criminal life or leave Cora. Even if he chooses Cora, will she accept who he really is? Can he have love from this amazing woman and find redemption from his past? Lyle Hardgrave battles organized crime, the FBI, and unchained emotions to keep himself and the love of his life alive.