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Killing Harry Bones
In his first novel, Jonathan Harries flips the script and creates a world where the poachers are afraid of the animals—and then things really start to get weird. Someone is slaughtering big-game hunters in Africa. And the deaths are particularly gruesome. At the same time in Chicago, a disheveled and depressed Roger Storm, recently relieved of his duties as an ad exec, is also contemplating murder—that of his ex-boss, the despicable Harry Bones. Then in what seems like a bizarre coincidence, Roger bumps into his supposedly dead childhood friend, the notorious arms dealer Freddy Blank, at a restaurant in Paris. Freddy and his ravishing partner, ex-Mossad agent Conchita Palomino, convince Roger to join them in a harebrained scheme to save Africa's wildlife and displaced people from a sinister global organization. In return Freddy promises to take care of Harry Bones. Kicking, pleading, and dodging savage mercenaries while lusting after the voluptuous Conchita, a terrified Roger is hauled from Paris and London to the wilds of Ethiopia's Omo Valley, where under the darkest sky he has ever seen, an epic showdown takes place. Fans of Clive Cussler, Carl Hiaasin, and Lee Goldberg, and all animal lovers will race to the thrilling end of Killing Harry Bones, the startlingly original first novel from Jonathan Harries.