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Paul Markland
Killing Me Softly
For centuries, romance stories have captured the hearts of so many readers. There is something about the passion between people that captivates others. Maybe, in part, that people longed to be loved and to love. Many spend their entire lives in quest of one of the most powerful emotions known to man. Most people get a glimpse of it from time to time; others may be so fortunate to taste it on occasion, but very few couples honestly experience it. Those who do, their lives are a testament to love's power. Those who have the privilege to see it unfold and unveil often refer to the mystery and magic it brings. People tend to open their hearts to the couple. They step outside of the continuum of reality, only to take a step forward into the land where fairy tales are born. They become an active part in and of the story. They are swept out to unknown seas-waiting, watching, and wanting to see where the direction the story sails.