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Tammy Andresen
King of Thieves
Pippa Bancroft knows that trouble is circling. Between her brother’s odd behavior, the whispers of massive debts, and the old and awful man her brother keeps thrusting at her, she assumes things are very bad. But just how awful… there is only one way to find out. She’s going to have to do some good old-fashioned spying. The problem? When she positions herself to eavesdrop, she’s not the only one! A large and ornery Scot is also listening in on her brother’s conversation. And when Laird Lockton offers her an exchange of favors to benefit them both, she’s left to wonder, can she trust this giant of a man? Is he the devil or a grumpy angel in disguise? Laird Lockton has a life waiting for him in Scotland. Granted, that life is full of boring drudgery, the sort he never wished for himself. Which is why he decides one last adventure is in order. He’ll help his friends with an investigation into the thefts plaguing their gaming hell, secure his future, and then return to Scotland. But he didn’t count on one pretty wallflower inserting herself into his life and his final adventure. Nor did he plan on finding her quite so irresistible. And as her own situation grows more desperate, Lockton knows he has to help. What sort of man would he be if he didn’t? But the more time he spends with her the more he wonders…does that mean he has to lose his heart too?