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Diana Reep
D. C. Reep, author
Kissed by a ghost—Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tyler doesn’t believe in ghosts, but her recent concussion gives her strange visions. Her aunt’s séances to reach the dead produce even more odd sensations. After a séance, Jenny meets a ghost soldier who says he needs help and, with a kiss, takes her to 1914 Belgium during the invasion by Germany at the start of World War I. Hurtled through time, Jenny relies on her courage to survive constant danger in an unfamiliar world. When she finds Jack, a Canadian in the British army, trapped behind enemy lines with a wounded comrade, she recognizes her ghost soldier. At risk of being captured and shot, the three teens struggle to evade enemy soldiers, outwit attempted betrayal, and reach neutral Holland.
In this light paranormal romance, 16-year-old Jenny Tyler goes to stay with her eccentric Aunt Connie, following a hurdle-jumping injury during a track meet that resulted in a concussion. Aunt Connie, who conducts séances with a small group of fellow enthusiasts, believes that Jenny will bring new luck to their attempts to contact a spirit. When Jenny has a dreamlike meeting with a young man dressed as a soldier, it seems as though her aunt may be correct. The ghostly figure’s kiss transports Jenny to WWI-era Belgium, where she learns that he is a Canadian soldier named Jack. Along with two of his cohorts, Jenny and Jack seek safety from advancing German forces as Jenny grapples with her inexplicable new circumstances and falls for Jack. Allen and Reep, who previously collaborated on The Dangerous Summer of Jesse Turner, vividly portray the historical moment and keep tension levels high through a series of perilous encounters. Jack and Jenny aren’t the most memorable of romantic leads, but readers intrigued by the idea of past-life loves should still be intrigued by this girl-meets-ghost story. Ages 12–up. (BookLife)