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  • 07/2016
  • 9780975521779 B01G223H0Y
  • 430 pages
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  • 07/2016
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Frank Chase Jr
Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

Adult; Other Nonfiction; (Market)

KLEPTOMANIAC is a journey into the annuals of biblical history concerning what the Bible teaches about tithing and giving. This book will take you on a proverbial archeological quest to uncover the true meaning of biblical words that deal with money. When confusion exists about what certain words mean in the Bible, such as tithe, tithing, tenth or ten percent, this book will examine the Hebrew and Greek language to bring to life what these words actually mean in context. This book will upend the common beliefs held by believers concerning giving and tithing based on the history of the original people of the Bible and how they related to money. From the very beginning to the end of the book, everything is supported by Scripture and research. You will know from the onset why the author, Dr. Frank Chase Jr., wrote the book and learn about his personal story of what happened as a result of embracing New Covenant giving principles from the New Testament. No book asks questions like this book. And some of those questions are: does the Bible talk about tithing? Did God change the tithe at some point in biblical history? Are first fruits money? Is the tithe food or money? Is the church the storehouse? Did Jesus, Paul and the Disciples tithe? Did the early church honor a money tithe system? Are Christians really cursed for not tithing ten percent of their income? These questions will be answered based on scholarship, the land, the language and the literature of the original Biblical people. Not only does the book cover the Old Testament tithe, but it will travel through time to unveil what the New Testament teaches about giving and tithing by analyzing some of the epistles of Apostle Paul concerning his views and the instructions he gave on charitable giving. This book defines biblical terms using the Hebrew and Greek text to bring clarity and understanding of the scripture in context. KLEPTOMANIAC defines the actual orthodox biblical tithe.
John Staughton

Kleptomaniac is an insightful and well-constructed argument on tithing and offerings at church, not only defending the author’s decision not to give money blindly, but also defending his right to seek the truth in Bible Scripture.

Everything that the author Frank Chase Jr. says is backed up in some way with huge amounts of research, resulting in a comprehensive and rather airtight argument against this unfair system that is often foisted on believers.

The balanced approach of the book is particularly enjoyable; there are no judgments or inflammatory language, but there is simply impassioned debate from a man who cares enough about his religion to perform his due diligence.

There are a few points that seem to veer off into unsupported opinions, but these are few and far between. Furthermore, there are a number of spots where word choice is a bit odd (e.g., “I asphyxiated on verses about tithing”, rather than fixated) and some grammatical editing is needed here before this is published. However, despite the delicate subject matter, the author approaches the topic with well-researched evidence, solid facts, and his own firm beliefs, to deliver a very insightful read recommended for those interested in or needing information on Church culture and community.

Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite

Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? The untwisted truth about the centuries-old tithes and offering deception by Dr. Frank Chase Jr, TH. D fills a narrow but very real niche in the area of biblically derived lessons and advice on the subject of tithes and offerings. I would have thought most Christians would research this topic themselves if it were very important to them, but to have all the references in one book, along with sound commentary and advice from a biblical scholar, certainly makes it easier. Dr. Frank Chase Jr. describes his own evolution of ideas about tithing and I must say we went through many of the same phases in pretty much the same order. I stopped evolving while Frank Chase Jr. went on to write this book that helps other Christians who have the same questions he had. Christianity at its best.

Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? may have more biblical quotes and references to tithing and money in general than any book I have ever read, save, of course, the Bible itself. It is written in a very smooth and articulate style that I’m guessing will be understandable to most people, but at the same time Dr. Frank Chase Jr’s education and vocabulary are evident on every page. As is his faith and his desire to help. From Abraham to Paul, Frank Chase Jr. delves into the origin, the definition, the application, and even the abuse of the custom of tithing. It is an interesting and sometimes colorful history and one Christians should certainly be more aware of. This book will help them.​

DGT Book Promotion, LLC for Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?

Do You Know the Truth About Tithing? Read This Investigative Manifesto First Before You Answer! The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 10:19 that “…money answers all things” (NKJV). But is tithing money the answer the Bible commands all believers to do every week? Do phrases like, sow a seed, pay tithes, receive a blessing or a curse make sense when associated with money tithing? ​​​​​

This Book Will Help You:

· Blow Up the Malachi Tithe Doctrine

· Know the Difference Between Tithes, Money and Giving

· Understand How Money Was Introduced into the Church as a Tithe

· Know Who Changed the Tithe From Food to Money

· Grasp True Grace Giving in the New Testament

· Become a Cheerful Free Will Giver from the heart as the Holy Spirit leads

· Discover that Jesus, Paul and the Disciples Never Tithed or Taught Tithing

· Realize that Tithing Has Side Effects That Causes Grudging Giving

· Expose the Tithe Lies

· And much more…

Take the opportunity to get biblically informed about tithing. Doing so could save your financial future and the future of your children’s children for generations.

FC Publishing Releases New Book Debunking Church Tithing Traditions


If you pay ten percent of your income as a tithe in church every week, it may be the biggest Sunday morning stickup in history. Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway is a manifesto that exposes the real meaning of biblical tithing. Taking the first step to understand what tithing is could save your financial future and the future of your children's children for generations.


Madison, Ala. - Aug. 22, 2016 For Church-goers who are tired of being told they rob God of tithes and offerings every Saturday and Sunday and that God requires a tenth of their income until death, the new book opens the biblical scroll and shines a light on the truth of scripture by debunking centuries-old tithe doctrines, which say a tithe is ten percent of a person's income. Author, Dr. Frank Chase Jr. and theologian explains in his new book released August 14 why many Church-goers are not the ones who really rob God, and that the God robbers are religious leaders who misrepresent and misinterpret what the tithe is in the Bible. The book dissects the word tithe and places it back in its original scriptural context and explains its orthodox meaning. The real story of the book is that ten percent of a person's income does not represent a tithe, which is food, but a monetary ten percent is a tax for religious purposes. Signed copies of the book are at FC Publishing, LLC at Copies are available from the Publisher Book Baby at​

The book was written to help people understand a familiar term in the Bible called tithing, so they will know how to properly interpret this biblical term that's been reinterpreted outside of its proper scriptural context. The book will end the confusion that exists about what certain words mean in the Bible, such as tithe, tithing, tenth or ten percent by using the Hebrew and Greek language to bring to life what these words actually mean. This book upends common beliefs held by many Christians that tithing is money. However, this book takes on the tithing doctrine and explains its true meaning based on the original people of the Bible and how they related to money. Kleptomaniac is a scholarly, theological and a proverbial archeological book that takes you on a trek into the land, language, and literature of the biblical people. It is a book that should be read by anyone interested in why church financial scandals happen. An educational book that tackles a religious taboo subject and adds more information to an under-saturated subject in the religious book world concerning tithing. This book is different from other books on tithing because the author brings to light the meaning of biblical words by explaining them from a Hebrew perspective. This is an instructional textbook on tithing that gives specific details to help all people understand the most complicated doctrines on religious tithing.  

Respected author, theologian and tithing expert, Dr. Russell Earl Kelly, Ph.D. remarked in his book, Should the Church Teach Tithing? that, "true biblical tithing is narrowly limited to food and clean animals from land inheritance. Also, true biblical tithing was never extended to crafts, trades, and fish. Since Jesus was never a farmer, nor herdsman, he was not among those who were required to tithe."  

To find out more about the author and attend a book signing for the book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway, you can attend the Southern Authors Expo 2016 at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library (HMCPL) on September 10, 2016 at the Downtown Huntsville Library, located at 915 Monroe St, Huntsville AL, 35801. • The Author Expo begins at 10am and runs until 4pm. Ten free eBooks will be given away in a contest at the event.​

For more information about the book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway or the Author, Dr. Frank Chase Jr, Th.D., contact Teresa Wade-Chase (256) 479-2613. More information can be found on the author's Blog, Are You Confused About Tithing? at:

About the Author:

Dr. Frank Chase, Jr. spent four years in the United States Army and after completing his tour of duty; he attended Washington State University (WSU) and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Because the author believes in education, he pursued religious degrees and graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Doctor of Theology. One Amazon reviewer wrote about the book Kleptomaniac: "One of the things I like most about this book is that is does not tell you not to support your local church; it educates us on the proper way to give. For all Christians, this should be a must read?" Frank is also the author of the book, False Roads to Manhood: What Women Need to Know: What Men Need to Understand. An Amazon reviewer wrote, "When I read False Roads to Manhood, it was hard to believe that this was the writer's first book. It is written in the caliber of a very well seasoned author. The information presented is valuable, and I believe that this book can even be used as a non-traditional sociology textbook. I couldn't read it quickly, because it is loaded with insight, information, and inspiration that I could only process bit by bit. Although it focuses on men, women will benefit from it as well. I highly recommend it to other readers interested in this subject matter." 

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Publisher: Book Baby
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FC Publishing Releases New Book That Upends How You Look at Money in Churh

Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway exposes the truth about church tithing and giving and reveals a shocking new discovery about monetary tithing.

MADISON, AL, USA, August 15, 2016 / -- Tired of being told you rob God if you don't pay ten percent to the church of your income to the church and that you are cursed if you don't cough up God's money to avoid bad things happening? One reader wrote, "One of the things I like most about the book Kleptomaniac: who's Really Robbing God Anyway is that it does not tell you not to give or support your local church, it just educates us on the proper way to give. I feel this book was written to free our mindset so we can give freely without convictions. For all Christians, this should be a must read. To read a sample on Amazon, check it out at:

The author practiced tithing of ten percent of his gross and net income for more than 30 years. Shockingly, after researching the subject more deeply, a theological earthquake shook the foundation of his belief in tithing ten percent. The author, Frank Chase Jr., went on a research journey for three years and discovered the biblical truth about tithing and seeks to share this newfound information with the entire church world. For many people who have had doubts about tithing a tenth of their income, no longer will they have to ponder questions about the practice of tithing because the book, Kleptomaniac: Who's Really Robbing God Anyway scripturally dismantles many of the modern pro-tithe arguments that state monetary tithing is mandatory. So, what is the tithe? The answer is simple. The tithe is grain, crops, cattle, herds and flocks. And the question is, who changed the Bible to include money as a tithe? It was the Holy Roman Catholic Church. You can read some of the author’s thoughts about the book in a Book Bubble on bublish at

Statistics show that over the annuals of church history, churchgoers tithe percentages have always remained below five percent. This indicates that many tithe teachings have not convinced people that the practice actually works as propagated. For those who refuse to tithe in some religious circles, they are excommunicated or shunned. History is replete with examples of religious institutions threatening members with hell fire for not paying ten percent of their income. Some have been kicked out of churches for simply questioning the practice. However, the truth is coming forth with enlightenment. And before you attend your next church service, make sure you know all the biblical facts on tithing because it is in your best financial interest. An Amazon customer wrote, "When it comes to tithing there are so many beliefs (some biblical while others are not). This book is an amazing tool for finding out what the Bible says about it. After reading this book, readers will understand more about the new covenant way of giving based on bible scriptures (leaving opinions out)." This book also questions how tithing practices of today affect people financially and how those practices are unlike tithing practices of yesterday. Not only does this book challenge the accepted definitions of the tithe, it also questions the sustainability of current practices, especially when economic times get rough for people who may not be able to give much. Get informed and get your signed copy at, so you will know what to do with your money in church.  

The author meticulously examines the word tithe in both the Hebrew and Greek language. To understand every Bible verse that contains the word tithe, the author gives context and definitive definitions for clarity of the text. This book also explains the concept of giving from a New Testament perspective without the mandate of ten percent and explains why the Apostle Paul never mentioned tithing to any of the New Testament congregations. From Genesis to Revelation, this book is about how to properly interpret biblical terms to arrive at the proper interpretation of a biblical text that refers to money or tithing. The book helps the reader an informed choice as to how they will give in the future. View it in the iBookstore at:

Since money is vital in every part of society and the church, this book spends a considerable amount of time detailing how money was used in the Bible to help readers know the difference between tithes and money. The tithing phenomenon has been around for centuries and this book is an expose' into how the current doctrine came into existence and who the culprits were who played a major role in what churches teach today. KLEPTOMANIAC is a back to the past look at Israel's history and how they practiced tithing in a theocracy. To learn about why Dr. Chase wrote the book, you can view Chapter 1 on Book Daily at: 

Dr. Frank Chase, Jr. spent four years in the United States Army and after completing his tour of duty; he attended Washington State University (WSU) and graduated in 1989 with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Because Frank believes in education, he pursued religious degrees and graduated from North Carolina College of Theology with a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts in Theology, and a Doctor of Theology. When he believes in a cause, he commits himself to gain a full understanding even when it goes against traditional, religious and secular belief systems. He submerged his entire being into the tithe doctrine versus freewill giving for four years to understand the different tithe teaching propagated in the church circuit. Frank’s decision to shift from tithing to freewill giving was difficult. His decision resulted in wins and losses both emotionally, spiritually and financially. Through tears, fears and not fully knowing what would happen when he took a stand on freewill giving over tithing, Frank decided to move forward and write the book, Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? He writes a blog about tithing at

Books are available from the publisher Book Baby at:​

Reader's Favorite Book Award for Honorable Mention

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Readers' Favorite recognizes "Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?" by Frank Chase Jr in its annual international book award contest, currently available at

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Readers' Favorite is proud to announce that "Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?" by Frank Chase Jr won the Honorable Mention Award in the Non-Fiction - Religion/Philosophy category.

You can learn more about Frank Chase Jr and "Kleptomaniac Who's Really Robbing God Anyway?" at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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