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Knights Templar Treasure Found
Bart Rice, author
Alain Gervers is a young Knights Templar accounting group leader living in the Paris Fortress when he is required in the year 1307 to suddenly leave his home due to fears of imprisonment and wealth confiscation by French King Philip IV and go to an unknown destination. Alain transforms from a shy and scared boy into a strong defender of the Templar’s treasure. A medieval action/adventure tale of the perilous journey and secret plans by the Knights Templar to hide their massive fortune from treacherous French King Philip IV. Dangers and dilemmas lurk around every corner of the arduous and disciplined Templar’s bold path taken to keep secret the resting place of the world’s largest amount of known wealth in the 14th Century. In this thriller, both French and Muslim enemies seek the Knights Templar treasure by any means possible. Across the landscapes of many countries the Templar’s adversaries chased after them with swords, knives, bows and arrows…and, sometimes with more gruesome punishments in mind. This intriguing fictional book answers the seven hundred years old mystery question of where the huge treasure might be found.