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Vic Warren
Kwong's First Two
Vic Warren, author
The Quartz is the first in a new series called The Inspector Kwong Mysteries, based on characters from Vic Warren’s novel, Hong Kong Blues. The Quartz is not a whodunnit. It tracks the action in Hong Kong and Beijing of both Chief Inspector Lawrence Kwong and the villain, Vice Premier Xiao Mingyu, the fourth most powerful man in the People’s Republic of China. Twists and turns along the way bring them face to face with each other. The McGuffin of the piece, the Qin Quartz, is a treasure from the tomb of Emperor Qin, the first Emperor of China. The second of The Inspector Kwong Mysteries, The River builds a double tale of a brutal kidnapping and a drawing room mystery straight out of the game of Clue. It’s peppered with romance, humor, a viral manhunt and a couple of straight shots of Scotch.
Plot/Idea: 4 out of 10
Originality: 5 out of 10
Prose: 3 out of 10
Character/Execution: 4 out of 10
Overall: 4.00 out of 10


Warren's launch of The Inspector Kwong Mysteries offers a surprisingly bland tour through the culinary and criminal offerings of Hong Kong and Beijing. The story -- which includes the kidnapping of Kwong himself by a criminal triad -- is  presented in unengaging language that fails to sustain interest, and character and plot development are overshadowed by the seemingly interminable eating. The author's unquestionable familiarity with the locale lacks the precision needed to convey a genuine sense of place to readers.

Date Submitted: June 10, 2016

Readers Favorite

“Four Stars for The Quartz—Vic Warren is bitingly intelligent in this novel, and features plots and characters that make you itch for the next book, or at least another book from Warren. The character descriptions were great, and once I got a handle on who was who, I really enjoyed the play and interactions that went on between everyone. Vic Warren is a skilled writer, and his simple prose and quick dialogue never let the plot drag or take focus off the characters. I found myself invested in the story after only a few chapters, and at the conclusion I was left wishing there was more. Luckily, Warren is quite prolific so there are many more books out there to explore.” Reviewed By Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

“Five Stars! The River by Vic Warren is the second book in the Inspector Kwong Mysteries and is an enjoyable read. The story is well written and filled with humour, a nice touch of romance, murder, and a tempting selection of Chinese dishes. Although the story is quite a short one, Vic Warren penned a clever plot with interesting characters that made The River more entertaining for me. Vic Warren took time to create his characters and setting so I was given a tour and information on Hong Kong and China. I was also impressed with the way the author incorporated the Asian traditional customs into the story.” Reviewed By Michelle Stanley for Readers’ Favorite.