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John Hafnor
Lakota Cowboy
John Hafnor, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Meet the last open range cowboy and the last nomadic Native American. Better yet, be present for their first handshake in the pages of Lakota Cowboy. Their stories become entwined in an unlikely friendship, but cannot change the inexorable march of history. You’ll witness that march from the back of a horse as they trot across the Little Bighorn, into the Canadian wilderness, past Wounded Knee Creek, to finally arrive in a homestead world of badlands hardship and romantic heartbreak. This unsentimental and moving portrait is sweeping in scope but intimate in detail. The easy-reading pages are in fact a deep cultural dive into two societies once thought of as irreconcilable. Inspired by true events, Lakota Cowboy the novel is your eyewitness encounter with the winning, and losing, of the American West.