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Thomas Crattie
Land's End: To Save the Realm 2

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

The time is 1964, the place is swinging England. Southern boy and WWII vet Brock Coole has been summoned (well, kidnapped actually) to England by Sir Alfred St. John Sherbourne, a shadowy figure operating out of the British Museum. Brock's old comrade, Lord Jack Torbryan, has teamed with a rogue druid named Cathbad to commit a series of high profile assassinations. These assassinations, however, are meant to distract from Cathbad's greater, far more weighty intentions. After being deposited in Northumberland by Sherbourne and his men, Brock is caught up in two of the most notorious crimes of mid-Sixties Britain. He is also embroiled in dust-up in Soho and a country-house mystery in Sussex. In the end, Brock and Sherbourne catch up with Cathbad, and Brock faces off with him in the far northwest of Scotland.