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Lean but Not Mean
In his book, Lean But Not Mean, author Anil K. Singhal, takes a contrarian’s view to the question of how to run a successful corporation. Based on his own success in co-founding and growing Net Scout, a leading technology company, Singhal prescribes a philosophy that one should be honest, trust your employees, and drive power down through the hierarchy. By prioritizing employee enthusiasm, happiness and motivation, the result is an innovative, adaptive, structurally strong, highly efficient workforce that delivers increased customer satisfaction. He offers a number of guidelines that reflect his leadership approach: how trust and transparency leads to productivity and competitiveness; how a leader’s time should be spent driving decisions and understanding problems (“the 5 percent rule”); how leanness is about mobility and fast adaptation; the nature of lean communications; understanding your company’s difference and value and influence in the marketplace; how to manage change, whether it’s driven by an acquisition or the market; and how to grow and nurture your employees’ careers to optimize their primary skills and learning capabilities. Lean But Not Mean is concise, personal, and illuminating set of lessons learned across Singhal’s lengthy experience as a successful company founder and leader. The book is a quick and easy read, and filled with credible wisdom that every manager and company leader can benefit from. \t\t\t\t\t